E-COs the first artificial sensory intelligence

At the interface between neuroscience, marketing and technology, all our solutions have been designed from our E-COs Artificial Intelligence. This intelligence, unique in the world, is the first Artificial Sensory Intelligence to reproduce a natural functioning of our brain.

Artificial Intelligence E-COs based on the patented technology myriLINK®

E-COs reproduces the natural functioning of our brain. At every moment, colourful visual stimulations activate a complex multimodal process involving olfactory, gustatory and emotional evocations. This process is based on rules that we modeled using the patented myriLINK® technology.  This technology combines a sensory database of more than 25,000 tests with a chemical database and allows E-COs to simulate the natural sensory interpretation of colors and vice versa the colored translation of odors or fragrances.

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Judicial Expertise

In parallel to the use of our technology for the development of our solutions, our process is officially recognized by the Nancy Court of Appeal as a judicial expertise allowing the qualification and comparison of olfactory perceptions.
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Now, E-COs brings you a solution to innovate in your developments!

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