Myrissi is going to tell you a secret…

With an extreme simplicity, ten years of research and a patented technology recognized as legal expertise by the Cour d’Appel of Nancy, here is the secret of Myrissi to guide you in the choice of your perfume !

COSMETIC 360 Exhibition – PARIS, 18 and 19 October 2017


MYRISSI will be in COSMETIC 360 Exhibition in “Carrousel du Louvre” in PARIS on the 18 and 19 October 2017 to present exclusively MYRISCENT, the online platform which revolutionizes perfume creation by integrating emotions, postures and colors.

Meet us on the H13 stand and become the first one to test our innovation.


Colours of the year 2016 !

For 2016, the colours of the year are Rose quartz (PANTONE 13-1520) and Blue serenity (PANTONE 15-3919).

So, what do you think about these colours?

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An Oscar for myrissi


On September 15th, during the 15 years evening of the “Incubateur Lorrain”, myrissi has been rewarded!

Muriel Jacquot has received the Oscar of Feminine Entrepreneurship, presented by Mathieu Klein (President of the County Council 54) and

by Nicole Creusot (Vice President in charge of higher education, research and innovation). 

Thank you again to IL for this wonderful evening and this nice surprise!!