As an innovative start-up company, MYRISSI is the 1st one in the world to have developed an artificial sensory intelligence that resonates odors, colors and emotions.



Our Artificial Intelligence E-COs is based on a patented technology resulting from more than ten years of research combining sensory tests (25. 000 tests), chemistry and neurosciences. This exclusive AI is integrated into all our solutions currently dedicated to perfumery/cosmetics and food industry. 

Solutions for perfumes / cosmetics


Solutions for food industry


You are a private individual and you would like to know the fragrance that fits your personnality ?

Test our free version of our AI E-COs on the website of MYRISCENT and discover the fragrance that suits you best.


Free version

You have a judicial problem of characterization or comparison of fragrances ?

We are appointed as an expert to the Cour d’Appel from Nancy (G.2.5 -D.4.2 – E.6.1).

Legal expertise

You would like to know the research behing MYRISSI ?

Discover the scientific background of our company

The research

You would like to understand how our AI E-COs works ?

Discover the secrets of the odor-color-emotion link

Artificial Intelligence E-COs

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