Create faster more amazing scented products and sell it better with enhanced emotional communication with our World First Smart Sensory Translator to increase your customers' satisfaction.


The MYRISSI team is the first in the world to have designed a Smart Sensory Translator dedicated to the development of odorant products (perfumes, beauty care, home care) but also aromatic products (coffees, teas, alcohols, flavoured products).

Smart Sensory Translator E-COs makes it possible to translating and objectifying a dialogue between:
different dimensions (emotions, personalities, chemistry and senses),different businesses (formulation / marketing),different actors (creation, brands and sales).
E-COs works on MYRISSI's patented algorithms and offers new creative levers and the opportunity to shorten product time to market while reducing costs through the rationalization of product tests.


E-COs allows you to argue your customer briefs with the use of a Sensory Translator developed from a proprietary patented technology. Based on a marketing profile (images, colors, emotions), E-COs proposes an olfactory recommendation combining notes and agreements for perfumery, flavors for food accompanied by a competitive bench

Design / Packaging

E-COs determines in 3 clicks the emotional and colored profile of your product from its sensory properties to ensure a perfect coherence between your product and its visual communication. The diagnoses are made from a database of 64 affective dimensions and 24 colors. It can be obtained from the sensory profile of the product or from the chemical analysis of the product.

Digital strategy

Our consultants, trained in our Sensory Translator, support you to build your digital strategy and ensure that it meets all your objectives. In the age of AI, the digital strategy integrates new high-performance tools that enhance team creativity by contributing to the achievement of marketing and sales objectives.

At Myrissi, our role is to put the person and his sensibility at the heart of the recommendations we make.

Discover MYRISCENT, an example of application for perfumery!

Why integrate a Smart Sensory Translator into your product development?

Sensory panels are expensive and sometimes time-consuming to implement.

With an Intelligence even artificial you have at any time at your disposal the interpretation of a panel of more than 25 000 people!

Our solid experience has shown that developing a global design approach based on the sensory allows you to get closer to the intimacy of the consumer, to create links and thus to build customer loyalty.
Your storytelling is more consistentYou emotionally involve your clientsYou engage them in a product relationshipYou have their loyalty.The costs of customer retention are 5 times less important than the acquisition costs of a new customerThe basket of a loyal customer is on average 50% higher than that of a new customer
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